If you're wanting a unique piece of jewellery custom made for you or someone special, Unbutton Handmade would love to hear from you.

There are many reasons customers desire a bespoke piece. It may be as simple as requiring jewellery to match a particular outfit, a friend or family member with a particular style that you would like an 'out of the ordinary' gift to give, or perhaps your have inherited a jar of vintage buttons too beautiful to be locked in a jar! No matter how quirky or quaint the request, Unbutton Handmade will work with you designing and bringing to life an exclusive one of a kind piece of statement jewellery.

Specialising in up-cycled jewellery, designer and maker Kareena Geeves, works with many materials and textiles. If you are unsure where to start please browse through the shop categories to see if there is a particular design that appeals to you.

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Here are examples of some made to order pieces. 

‘Light of the World’

These two neckpieces were recently made for Alison Lyons, an extremely talented, beautifully natured lady who approached me with this unique order and here is the little story behind the bespoke creations...

" I was heading off to Istanbul for the 6th time to stay with my wonderful Turkish friend Nurcan. I met her 10 years ago when I stayed in her cave hotel in Cappadocia in central Turkey and over the years we have become firm friends.

I needed to take a gift for her, to thank her again, for her hospitality. I wanted to give her something from Australia, that wasn’t kitsch. No koalas or kangaroos or tubes of vegemite!
I had recently bought a beautiful coloured necklace from Kareena for myself and I thought that Nurcan (pronounced Noorjarn) would love one also. Unique, personal and handmade by a friend of mine and small enough to slip into my suitcase. The perfect gift.

I knew she loved the colour blue and also turquoise. The word turquoise comes from the Turkish after all. She also loves sunflowers and yellows and chartreuse. So I looked online for some colour inspiration, so I could clearly express to Kareena the exact colours I had in mind. And I stumbled across this painting with the perfect blend of colours.

So the necklace made the trip from Cronulla to Istanbul where it will be worn with joy by its new owner. (In fact I liked the necklace so much I commissioned Kareena to make one for me too.)"


‘To Norma, with love’

I made these bespoke neckpieces recently for Sue and her daughter Camilla. Not only are these buttons antique and hold great value they now have a rich sentimental worth to their new owner.
I met Sue at The Grounds last month and not only did I meet a beautiful family who welcomed me into their home and slice of their life history I was able to bring to life antique silver and french enamel buttons as well as a pearl buckle that belonged to a lady who has a special place in each of their hearts.

 Here is Sue's story...

"Norma has been my friend for 30 years she passed away last October and is a huge loss to all who knew her. We met as neighbours and she spent every Christmas with us for 29 years. Norma was born in 1920 and had lost everyone in her family by the time she was 15.
She went to live with her Mothers friend. Norma went to the Sydney Art School and was there for 6 years. I have her art portfolio, she was very talented and we often went to the art gallery for a day out together.

Norma was at college with Mr Squiggle. She spent her whole life as a dental technician. Norma never threw anything out so this is why I found her button tin along with a loom, fabrics and knitting needles. It was a huge job cleaning out her precious belongings and for Norma even a button or a marble or a sixpence were all precious belongings.

After I met Kareena and saw her beautiful creations I thought Norma would love her buttons to be made into something and was happy to give them to Kareena. When I took the time to look at them closer I realised that a button so small can be so beautiful and for me precious. Kareena offered to make up a necklace for me with some of Norma's buttons. I am so happy - they are absolutely exquisitely put together. What a wonderful treasures found in a button tin."