All pieces on this site are designed and hand crafted by Unbutton Handmade creator Kareena Geeves. Kareena carefully selects her materials and uses various techniques so that each piece is not just an accessory but one-off pieces of art for exclusive wear.  


I have always had great satisfaction in creating and an utmost appreciation for all that is handmade. For as long as I can remember I was always found making something I could wear, hang on my bedroom wall or give as a gift to someone special.

I come from a family of creative, hard working women - artists, quilters, sewers and knitters -they have all contributed to my passion for creating and keeping busy with my hands.

As many of you may share, a favourite past time of mine was playing with Mum's and Nuna's button collection, sorting through them for hours, so it's no surprise that Unbutton Handmade was born playing around with a bag of red buttons, some wire and a handmade gift in mind for my Aunty Wendy.

I thrive on seeing customer's smiles and expressions of confidence when wearing an Unbutton  one-of-a kind piece. It’s all part of feeling great about yourself, about life and the simple things that make us happy.

I connect with my customers each month through an e-newsletter ‘The Thread’ which includes exclusive specials, feature articles, market and event dates plus your first pick at new designs. 

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I look forward connecting with you.




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